The 7th International Workshop on Far-Infrared Technologies (IW-FIRT 2019)
(5-7 March, 2019, University of Fukui, Fukui, Japan)

   The International Workshops on Far-Infrared Technologies (IW-FIRT) has been held six times in the past from 1999 to 2017. In these workshops it was aimed to discuss the recent development and future directions of far-infrared and terahertz science and technologies with a special emphasis on high power radiation sources in this frequency region and their applications. We feel that it is the time to organize the next IW-FIRT to update our knowledge and understanding in this rapidly developing field. Therefore, we organize the Seventh International Workshop on Far-Infrared Technologies (IW-FIRT 2019).
The workshop consists of invited talks, oral presentations and a poster session with the following scope of topics:
1) Development of high power radiation sources in the far-infrared region,
2) Application of high power terahertz technologies especially to the following topics
  2-1) Terahertz spectroscopy,
  2-2) Magnetic resonance phenomena in the far-infrared region,
  2-3) Material development with high-power FIR sources, and
3) Other subjects related to the far-infrared region.

Past Worhshops of IW-FIRT and DHP-TST
6th IW-FIRT 2017 and DHP-TST 2017, 5th IW-FIRT 2014, 4th IW-FIRT 2012, 3rd IW-FIRT 2010, and
DHP-TST 2013

Date 5(Tuesday) - 7(Thursday) March, 2019

Bunkyo Campus, University of Fukui (Fukui, Japan)
Main conference room and poster session: On the 13th floor of the Science Tower I (No.24 in the campus map)
Workshop banquet: At the academy hall (No.11 in the campus map)
Campus map


Research Center for Development of Far-Infrared Region, University of Fukui (FIR UF), Japan


Masahiko Tani (Director of FIR UF)

Important dates

to be determined

Invited speakers About 20 speakers (The detail will be announced later)
Schedule&program to be determined

Contributed papers A limited number of contributed papers will be accepted. The detail will be announced later.
Abstract preparation to be determined
Support for students and young researchers

to be determined

Registration to be determined

Access to University of Fukui From JR Fukui Station, (i) take the buses (Bus No.21 or 28) leaving from Bus Stop No.2 in front of JR Fukui Station (West exit) and get off at Fukui-daigaku-mae (approx. 10 minutes), or (ii) take the Echizen Railway (Awara-Mikuni Line) and get off at Fukudai-mae-nishi-fukui Station.
(Access to University of Fukui)
International organizing committee

J. Jelonnek (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany)
M. Yu. Glyavin (Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia)
R. J. Temkin (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA)
T. Fujiwara (Osaka University, Japan)
S. Asai (The University of Tokyo, Japan)
W. Kasparek (University of Stuttgart, Germany)
S. Sabchevski (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria)
R. Dupree (University of Warwick, UK)
O. Dumbrajs (University of Latvia, Latvia)
A. M. Kuleshov (National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Ukraine)
M. Bakunov (State University of Nizhny Novgorod, Russia)
Tsun-Hsu Chang (National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan)
E. S. Estacio (University of the Philippines, Diliman, Philippines)
H. Ohta (Kobe University, Japan)
M. Hagiwara (Osaka University, Japan)

Local organizing committee

S. Mitsudo
Y. Tatematsu
Y. Fujii
K. Yamamoto
T. Furuya
Y. Yamaguchi
M. C. S. Escaño
M. Fukunari
Y. Ishikawa
T. Idehara
T. Saito
A. Fedotov
I. Zotova
A. I. Tsvetkov
I. Bandurkin
S. Sabchevski

Financial support

to be shown later


to be shown later

Other information

For detailed information on the IW-FIRT, please contact:
E-mail: iwfirt2019_secretariat@fir.u-fukui.ac.jp